Tax Preparation

Sample Tax Return Preparation 

Example 1:  1040 Simple

W2 Income only, no dependents.  Assume Federal and 1 State for all below tax situations.  Average Price $175 – 200

Example 2: 1040 with Dependents & Standard Deduction

W2 Income. Interest/Dividend Income. Childcare expenses. Education expenses. Earned Income Credit. Federal and 1 State.)   Avergage Price $225 – 275

Example 3:  Long 1040 w/Additional Income & Itemized Deductions

Income from Wages, Interest/Dividend, Unemployment, Pension, Social Security.  Itemized Deductions.  Unreimbursed employee expenses.  Childcare expenses.  Education expenses.

Average Price $300 – 400

Example 4:  Long 1040 with Stock Sales

All facts same as example 3.  Include Stock Sales and assume less than 10 transactions for investor NOT trader.  Average Price $300 – 450

Example 5:  Long 1040 with Rental property

All facts same as example 3.  Assume single rental property.   Average Price $300 – 500

Example 6:  Long 1040 with Small Business (Schedule C) 

All fact same example 3.  Assume income/expenses from 1 Small Business.  Pricing will vary according to complexity of the return, proper recordkeeping & bookkeeping assistance required.

Low $400, Average $500 – 800, High $800 – $1,200

Additional items that may increase fees

Multiple tax situations:

If your tax situation includes a combination of the above examples

Significant changes from initial tax assessment:

If you provide significant changes or additional tax documents after tax assessment period.

Bookkeeping required for Small Business Tax Return Preparation:

QuickBooks/accounting software training and/or reconstructuing of income/expenses. Average billing between $40/75 per hour.